What are the foundations based on proposing the E- Learning University?

In light of the world’s tendency to establish E-Learning universities, which is hardly no country in the world now where there is a university that adopts distance education techniques and no matter how many names there is a necessity for a university that deals with this type of education.

The foundations that were based on the Egyptian E-learning University proposal were the following:

  • Permanent pursuit of the University to achieve Egypt's global leadership

 and excellence in the field of higher education through offering high-quality educational programs based on information and communication technologies and modern e-learning and distance education applications.

  • It will also contribute to international communication by strengthening international relations. The studying programs offered by the university are equivalent and their decisions are prepared in cooperation with many European universities.
  • Making a qualitative leap in the course of higher education by providing a model in e-learning that is more capable and efficient in dealing with global crises such as the conditions we are going through in the current period (Corona virus), through distinguished programs electronically.
  • Providing higher education based on theories of learning in the virtual environment with high effectiveness and affordable access to a wide section of society.
  • Provide more flexible educational opportunities and transcend temporal and spatial boundaries.
  • Providing excellent education opportunities for people with exceptional circumstances, enhancing the principle of self-learning, and providing opportunities for lifelong learning.

 The desire to support the labor market with high-quality outputs and to qualify those on the job without causing their discontinuation from work.

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