What colleges or majors does the university offer?

1. Faculty of Computers and Information Technology, which grants:

  • Bachelor's degree in the field of computers and information technology, in which the major specialization is information technology (IT).
  • The University also offers a master's program in Software Engineering.

2. College of Business Administration, which awards a Bachelor of Business Administration In which "management" is studied as a major.

The Minors are:


- Accounting.

-Finance and investment.

- Electronic trade.

- Management information systems.

3. The College of Educational Studies, which grants:

  • General Diploma in Education
  • Professional diploma in education, specializing in e-learning technology
  • Special Diploma in Education
  • Master in Education, E-learning Technology

The university also has expansion plans to establish and open 5 colleges:

1. College of Media Science and Technology.

2. College of Languages ​​and Translation.

3. College of Economics and Political Science.

4. College of Engineering and Technology.

5. College of Law and Legal Studies.

This is in order to ensure the university covers all fields and needs of the various labor market and provide the student with the modern technological skills and knowledge that qualifies him to join a competitive and global job market.

Contact information

  • dummy33 El Messaha Street, Dokki A, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

  • dummyP.O Box 12611

  • dummy 16541 - +2 02 33318498

  • dummy+2 02 37497928

  • dummyinfo@eelu.edu.eg

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