University President’s Word

A word from EELU President Prof. Hesham Abdelsalam

University President’s Word



My dear students of the Egyptian E-learning University,

My fellow faculty members, and university employees, our success partners,

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished visitors, Welcome

In light of the technological development the world is going through, there emerged the need for an Egyptian university capable of providing knowledge through e-learning and distance learning channels in a way that transcends the barriers of time and space; for the student to learn wherever and whenever.

Hence, came the idea of ​​establishing the Egyptian E-Learning University (EELU) following the Republican Resolution No. 233 of 2008; to become the first Egyptian university that offers the unique model of e-learning.

And because of its immense importance, the state-supported it and made it a national, non-profit university, according to Republican Decree No. 71 of 2018. The university was thus able to provide distinguished educational services with innovative scientific methods that contribute to the advancement of Egypt's educational system.

EELU educational system relies on the concept of "blended/hybrid education," which combines face-to-face and distance learning using interactive electronic means, including video conferences, virtual classrooms, and e-courses.

With the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of preserving the social distancing has raised the importance of e-learning to keep the safety of our students and fulfill the state's directives for distance learning.

The EELU students were capable of accomplishing their educational needs from their primary sources, get connected to faculty members, and to pass the final evaluations in their home without having to go to the university premises.

In line with Egypt's 2030 vision in education, innovation, and scientific research, the university has made education available for all without discrimination within the framework of an efficient and fair institutional system that contributes to building an enlightened and creative personality, which has significantly committed to providing its students with the required intellectual skills by providing electronic scientific content specially designed and prepared for its students with the help of a unique elite of faculty members, as well as providing students with language skills by teaching them the Arabic and English languages, as well as providing them with necessary life skills, especially the technological skills that characterize the twenty-first century. The university also opened its doors to accommodate international students as well, as well as post-graduate students.

The university's role did not stop there, but instead, it continues to do its best to develop the technological infrastructure and educational systems in cooperation with leading international companies specialized in these fields. And given its belief in the importance of developing the capabilities of its students and providing them with job opportunities, the university has made available support centers such as the Continuing Learning Center, the Center for Entrepreneurship, and the Center for Digital Transformation.

Thanks to the Egyptian government orientations and the determined efforts made by the members of the teaching staff and all employees of the university; The university continues to adopt modern technological ideas and to develop teaching aids to ensure the future of its students; to always remain unique, to produce innovative generations that are competitive locally, regionally and globally.

Last but not least, the university cannot achieve its desired goals except through the concerted efforts of the successful partners from the faculty members, university staff, and collaborators. They exert all efforts to make our university among the exceptional world universities and contribute actively to the support and success of economic and social development plans and the advancement of our beloved Egypt.

My sincere wishes to all our students for their success and supremacy, by following a unique educational system that helps you overcome all life difficulties.


Prof. Hisham Mohamed Abdelsalam

President, the Egyptian E-Learning University

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