Faculty of Computers and Information Technology

Faculty of Computers and Information Technology

Faculty Aims:

Based on Ministerial Resolution No. 3206 of 2009 to start studying at the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology at the Egyptian University for E-Learning, the college aims to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge assets to help them find appropriate work in the field of information technology after graduation. In addition to helping them to conduct research and studies in this field, and by gaining a broad background in the field of computers and information technology, they will be able to keep pace with technological advances in their field of work. The college accepts high school students and its equivalent, the science division with its two branches of mathematics and science (with the addition of a mathematics subject (0) to students of the science section).

The information technology program includes the following scientific fields:

1. General basics of computers

2. The foundations of information technology

3. Network and web engineering

4. Software Engineering

5. Computer architecture and systems programming

6. Human-computer interaction

7. Selected topics in advanced information technology, including:

               a. Data analysis and arrangement

               b. Data and network security

               c. Cloud computing technology

Academic degrees:

The college grants a bachelor’s degree in information technology, the duration of study is 4 years, and the language of study is English, with 147 credit hours divided as follows 


Credit Hours Required












·      The degree granted in faculty of computers and information technology, eelu university,  is equivalent to the Information Technology Department, at Faculties of Computers and Information,  according to the decision of the Minister of Higher Education - President of the Supreme Council of Universities No. (9) Dated 01/1 / 20-13 and renewed with No. (71) on April 4, 2016, ·     

The college also awards an academic master’s degree in software engineering with a distance learning system and a study period of 2-5 years. The language of study is English, with 36 credit hours divided as follows :


Credit Hours Required

Mandatory courses


Elective courses








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