Advanced Management Program

Program Overview

Advanced Management Program is a comprehensive business leadership and management develops- ment program that provides leading-edge business skills, coaching and leadership training to help propel your career forward.

At the end of this program, you will have been exposed to key management con- cepts that drive organizational growth. From finance to marketing to human resource management, and business leadership, you will gain solid and cohesive insights and understanding of each function and how it contributes to organize- tional success.

The Main Outlines

Business in Global Context                                             (16 hours)

  • The logic of International Business: An Overview of Standard International Trade Theories.
  • The Environment of International Business
  • International Business Strategies and Tactics
  • Special Issues in International Business.
  • Common and Conflicting Interest of Countries
  • How Do Processes of Countries in Transition Affect International Business?

Creating, Structuring and Managing Organizations    (20 hours)

  • Organization Structure and Design
  • Team Building and Leadership Role
  • Management and Leadership of Organizational Change and Learning
  • Characteristics and Types of Organizational Culture
  • Strategies for Conflict Management
  • Role of Effective Communication in the Organization

Business Strategy for Leaders                                        (20 hours)

  • What is Strategy and the Strategic Management Process.
  • Scanning the External and Internal Environment
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Evaluation and Control
  • Strategic Issues in Entrepreneurial Ventures and SME Business.

Marketing: A key Success Factor                                               (20 hours)

  • Introduction to Marketing and the Evolution of the Definitions
  • Creating Customer Value and Satisfaction
  • The Marketing Planning Process
  • Market Research and Marketing Research Planning
  • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  • Developing the Marketing Mix: 4Ps
  • Understanding Social Responsibility and Marketing Ethics
  • SWOT Analysis and Marketing Audit
  • Implementing Marketing Strategy and Control.

Mastering the Sales Process                                           (20 hours)

  • Sales Strategy and the Sales Function.
  • Developing Forecasts, Quotas and Budgets
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Organization.
  • The Role of Knowledge in the Selling Process.
  • Prospecting
  • The Salesman Attitudes, Philosophies and Work Habits
  • Sales Management and Administration

Strategic Human Resources Management                    (16 hours)

  • The HR Functions and their roles in the organization
  • Models for Strategic HR Management
  • Planned vs. Emergent Approaches to HR Strategy Design
  • Positioning an organization’s HR Strategy
  • Impact of other functional area strategies on HR Strategy
  • Incorporating Ethical Principles and Values in HR Strategy

Understanding Business through Managerial Finance            (20 hours)

  • Finance Fundamentals, Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis.
  • Financial Recurrent Planning and Cost – Volume – Profit (CVP) Analysis.
  • Long-Term (LT) Investment Decisions (Capital Budgeting) Analysis.
  • LT Investment Analysis under Certainty, Constraints and Risk
  • LT Financing and Capital Structure Decisions
  • Dividend and Surplus Distribution Decisions
  • Working Capital Management

The participants will pass by an exam after each of these 7 modules and the final evaluation to get the certification will be based on a case study project to ensure that the participant has a comprehensive understanding of different studied tools and techniques.

Instructors’ Profile

This program is conducted by instructors who have a solid academic background and years of professional and infield experience with proven track records.

Each instructor is equipped with the knowledge and know-how in each of the covered areas which allows them to share and demonstrate methods, theories and practical knowledge with skill and a high level of understanding.

The instructors recognize and understand the needs of participants which allow them to transfer knowledge and information to students in a way that will give them a confidence in the skills, techniques, methods and knowledge they have gained

Participants Profile

This program is designed for middle level managers who exercise leadership and whose responsibilities require a concrete foundation of different management tools.

The program is excellent for newly appointed managers who seek greater opportunities in the managerial career.

At least 2 years of experience and good proficiency of English language are main prerequisites to join the program



132 Hours / 19 Full Day / 33 half days

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