Business Strategy for Leaders Course

Program Overview

Bain Consulting survey revealed Strategic Management to be the most used management tool by 88% of respondents. Strategic Management (SM) model was introduced by GE in 1980. Using SM model can enable participants to have a clear idea of their organizations SWOT analysis after considering their Internal and External Factor Summary (IFAS and EFAS). This course furnishes a thorough explanation of SM Model in addition to myriad of strategic management concepts and tools. Case studies from many industries will be examined to enable participants to master all the skills needed for their positions.


  • Basic Concepts of Strategic Management Model
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Scanning the External and Internal environment (EFAS and IFAS)
  • Strategy Formulation (Business, Corporate and Functional). Emphasis on TWOS
  • Strategy Formulation (Corporate and Functions)
  • Emphasis on Synergy, Structure, Resistance, Culture, and Action Plans
  • Strategy Implementation (Organizing for Action).
  • Strategy Implementation: Staffing and Control Including Management Incentives
  • Evaluation and Control.
  • Strategic Issues in Managing Technology and Innovation.
  • Strategic Issues in Entrepreneurial Ventures and SME Business.
  • Case Studies.

Key Benefits

Upon the completion of this program participant will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of strategic management
  • Understanding the basic direction and goals of an organization, the environment (social, political, technological, economic, and global factors), industry and market structure, and organizational strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify issues, participants and information essential to a strategic planning process.
  • Apply key elements of the analysis and development of a completed strategic plan.

Participants’ Profile

This course is aimed at C level managers (Top Level Managers) in various disciplines of operations, technical, customer support, marketing, accounting, finance, supply chain management, HR and administration management.

Durations: 16 Hours

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