Business Writing Skills Course

Program Overview

Most people create business documents, send emails or letters, and edit reports and meetings summaries and minutes on a daily basis in addition to much other business correspondence. This course will demonstrate how to create business documents that say what you mean and present the information to the reader in a manner guaranteed to achieve the desired results. This course not only covers the basics of how to improve your writing skills but also how to achieve the right result from your written correspondence.

The Main Outlines

1. General Principles of Writing

  • Clarifying objective
  • Quick and clear messages, questions to clarify your thinking
  • Who is going to read your document? Knowing your reader helps you pitch your message
  • Apply our eight principles of good business writing to work you bring with you

2. Writing Techniques for Business Correspondence

  • The best sequence of contents
  • Structuring text – layouts to support content and draw the reader in
  • How to ask for things without starting a long sequence of replies to replies
  • How to give bad news – being up-front and empathizing
  • Responding to complaints – when you are at fault; when you wish to make a concession; standing firm; what to avoid
  • Writing letters of complaint – useful phrases

3. Writing Emails

  • Email etiquette for header fields, subject lines, content, forward and reply
  • Technical issues; signature files, attachments, and fonts
  • Choosing the right structure for your content and objective
  • Sending the right message
  • How to minimize misunderstanding by recognizing ambiguous content and knowing when to use the phone instead

4. Writing Reports

  • Organizing content for easy comprehension
  • Techniques for longer documents
  • Structuring reports: standard elements and variations
  • Checklist for structure

5. Writing Agendas, Minutes or Meeting Summaries

  • Benefits of good minute taking
  • Agenda – layout and contents to facilitate minute taking
  • Layout and style of minutes
  • Knowing what to include

6. Writing letters

  • Layouts for letters – address, contact details, salutation
  • Main part of letter – structure, tone, style
  • Closures and enclosures – standard forms

Instructors’ Profile

This program is led by instructors with long significant teaching experience centered on soft skills training

Participants Profile

Business professionals who write internal or external documents or who want to improve their writing ability


14 Hours / 2 Full Day / 4 half days

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+2 33318 403 - 33318 506 

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