Data Base Marketing & CRM Workshop

Program Overview

Marketing has become an increasingly analytical, scientific and technology-oriented profession and terms such as ‘big data’, ‘data analytics’ and ‘marketing analytics’ have risen to the fore.

During the course we will look at:

  • Better understand your customers and markets
  • Inform your approach to segmentation and targeting.
  • Position your data-driven value proposition.
  • Understand how your Marcomms tools, techniques, channels and media perform.
  • Generate actionable insight to optimize future marketing budget allocation and marketing performance.

Learning outcomes

  • Mind Shift: Acquisition vs Retention
  • What is database marketing?
  • How is it different than Direct Marketing?
  • How do customers benefit?
  • Key strategies
  • For what kinds of customers is database marketing effective?
  • What is required for Database Marketing?
  • How is a database marketing campaign developed?
  • How can a marketing school help you succeed?

This workshop will use case studies and videos along with the virtual classes.

Who should attend?

This workshop will be of interest to people who appreciate the importance of data-driven marketing decision-making and are looking for practical tools and techniques they can use to optimize, prove and/or improve their marketing performance. Suitable for people new to marketing analytics, or those wishing to take a more structured approach to the use of practical analytics.

Duration: 12 hours

Contact Number

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Contact information

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