Quantitative & Qualitative using Microsoft Excel Course


Data professionals work with two types of data: Quantitative and qualitative. In simple terms, quantitative data is measurable while qualitative data is descriptive—think numbers versus words.

If you plan on working as a data analyst or a data scientist (or in any field that involves conducting research), you will need to get to grips with both.

In this Course, we will focus on quantitative data. We will explain exactly what quantitative data is, including plenty of useful examples. We will also show you what methods you can use to collect and analyze quantitative data.

Course Outlines

  • What is quantitative data? (With examples)
  • What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative data?
  • What are the different types of quantitative data?
  • How is quantitative data collected?
  • What methods are used to analyze quantitative data?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of quantitative data?
  • Summarizing Qualitative Data
  • Organizing Quantitative Data
  • Performing Quantitative Data
  • Displaying Qualitative Data
  • Data & Scales/Levels of Measurement
  • Descriptive & Inferential Statistics
  • Categorical Frequency Distribution with Formulas
  • Relative Frequency Distribution of Qualitative Data
  • Column Chart from Frequency Distribution
  • Creating a Pie Chart from Summarized Qualitative Data
  • Category Frequency Distribution with Pivot Table & Pie Chart
  • Categorical Cross Tabulation with Pivot Table
  • Categorical Cross Tabulation with Formulas
  • Pareto Chart for Categorical Data
  • Grouping Categories with Formula & Pivot Table
  • Quantitative Frequency Distribution with Formulas (part 1)
  • Quantitative Frequency Distribution with Formulas (Part 2)
  • Histogram & Ogive Charts & percentage Cumulative Frequency
  • Skew in Histograms
  • Quantitative Frequency Distribution with Pivot Table
  • Percentage Frequency Distribution & Histogram with Pivot Table
  • Cumulative Frequency Distribution with Pivot Table (Running Total)
  • Dot Plot Chart with REPT & COUNTIF functions
  • Stem & Leaf Chart with REPT & COUNTIF functions
  • Quantitative Cross Tabulation with Pivot Table
  • Scatter Diagram for two Quantitative Variables
  • Histogram using Data Analysis Add-in
  • Frequency Distribution Summary (Pivot Table & Formula)
  • Quantitative survey
  • Questionnaire

Durations: 18 Hours

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