Principles of Marketing Course

Program Overview

This course introduces principles and problems of marketing goods and services. Topics include promotion, placement, and pricing strategies for products. Upon completion, students should be able to apply marketing principles in organizational decision-making

The Main Outlines

  • Introduction to Marketing and the Evolution of the Definitions
  • Creating Customer Value and Satisfaction
  • The Marketing Planning Process
  • Market Research and Marketing Research Planning
  • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  • Developing the Marketing Mix: 4Ps
  • Understanding Social Responsibility and Marketing Ethics
  • SWOT Analysis and Marketing Audit
  • Implementing Marketing Strategy and Control.

Instructors’ Profile

This program is conducted by a group of practitioners who have a profound academic background, as all of the instructors are master degree holders or higher, in addition, they all have a deep practical experience acquired through their work in the field of marketing. This unique mix enriches the professional side of the program and allows the participants to apply the theoretical work studied in a more practical context.

Participants Profiles

If you are new to marketing or you work within another function and want to understand your relationship with the marketing team and the role and importance of marketing in your organization. No prior knowledge of marketing is required.


21 Hours / 3 Full Day / 6 half days

Contact Number

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Contact information

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