Sales and Marketing Essentials (Business to Business)

Program Overview

Marketing and sales represent the two wings that any successful organization depends on to acquire a distinct market position in a continuously changing market with furious competition.

Well established, as well as start-up organizations should have these two wings as strong as possible in order to take-off and quickly acquire such a distinctive position in its market. Both wings should work in harmony and synchronization.

If for any reason one of the two wings becomes weak or dysfunctional, the whole organization loses balance and suffers an inevitable deterioration in the market place.

In the business- to- business arena sales and marketing executives work very closely with their business customers and in many cases sales executives find themselves identifying new customer needs and wants and working to find solutions that satisfy such needs, this is a marketing role. In the same manner marketing executives while working with the customer find some sales opportunities that can be grabbed.  Thus many organizations are faced with problems related to the synchronization between the two functions. Questions like: where the marketing role ends? Where the sales role starts? Where the sales role is vital in the marketing process? And vice versa, are always causes of continuous friction in the organizations, and become more obvious as the organization gets bigger and the sales and marketing processes become separated apart. Although the top management may have a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities of the sales and marketing, such clear view is in most cases not as clear for most of the junior and some of the senior staff members.

The Main Objective

To reintroduce the principles of sales and marketing processes in the Business to Business context to sales and marketing executives as well as senior managers and other organizational department members in a carefully designed curriculum, stressing on the interdependency of both processes. Step by step understanding the buying and selling cycle in the B 2 B context, and introduce effective practical techniques that are very helpful in dealing with large accounts. Product levels, perceptual maps and critical success factors are introduced with hands on experience as marketing tools. SPIN selling as an effective sales technique will be used with a role playing work shop.   Case studies and group presentation are utilized to emphasis the theory. The groups presentations are an essential part of the Program enhancing the presentation skills of all attendances and ensuring that the key concepts learned are truly digested by all students.

The Main Outlines

Marketing and Business Essentials for B to B Salesmen (DAY 1)

  • Business, marketing, and sales Definition(s)
  • Marketing vs. selling
  • Personal selling
  • Basic Concepts Underlying Marketing
  • Marketing vocabulary; needs wants and demand.
  • Feature OR benefits.
  • The value equation
  • What Influences somebody to buy
  • Buying objective and subjective reasons
  • Understanding buying motives
  • Sales role playing scenario1 and 2

Sales Essentials: Understanding B to B Customers    (DAY 2)

  • How the Negative and positive buying motivations work.
  • Know your competitors.
  • Business Buyer Behavior
  • The Buying Center
  • The Business buying process.
  • Sales person characteristics.
  • The communication process.
  • How people interact.
  • Hearing vs. listening.
  • The (B to B) personal selling process. (7 steps)
  • SPIN selling an effective tool.
  • Sales role playing scenario 3 and 4

B to B Selling Essentials              (DAY 3)

  • Adaptive selling
  • The social style matrix
  • Body language
  • Body language essentials
  • Value based selling
  • Cross-selling and Up-selling
  • Sales role playing scenario 5,6,7 and 8

The Sales Funnel& Customer Objections    (DAY 4)

  • What is the sales funnel?
  • What is wrong with the Sales Process?
  • The sales funnel chart
  • How to create a sales funnel chart?
  • How to use the sales funnel?
  • The Importance of the sales funnel
  • Lead Generation and the Sales Funnel
  • Handling Objections
  • Action Items and more on dealing with the Price Objection.
  • Sales role playing scenario 9 and 10

B to B Sales Management & Sales KPI’s   (DAY 5)

  • The difference between Salesman and Sales manager.
  • What do you manage
  • The importance of people
  • Sales manager role
  • How to manage sales force (6 major roles)
  • Measuring performance
  • Time management.
  • Urgent And Important Matrix
  • KPI’s Definition.
  • The situation without KPI’s.
  • Using KPI’s.
  • The sales funnel KPI.
  • Put the KPI’s to work.
  • Sales role playing scenario 11 and 12

Instructors’ Profile

Successful sales and marketing training is not just knowledge transfer, besides knowledge it must include practical experience sharing, updated implementation, tips and sales and marketing tactics that fit different situations. It takes more than academic knowledge to deliver these elements. That’s why; the instructors of this program are selected with current and updated successful sales and marketing career experience as well as the basic academic knowledge backbone to make sure they deliver the intended structured knowledge base accompanied with the practical touch of “how to do”.

Participants’ Profiles

Sales and Marketing professionals with as a short to medium experience as one to five years It also serves the more experienced Sales professionals with about a decade of experience.


20 Hours / 3 Full Day / 5 half days

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