Corporate Valuation Techniques & Applications

Program Overview

Corporate valuation determines the worth of a firm - an absolutely critical function of businesses in every industry. Understanding valuation techniques is necessary in order to accurately evaluate capital projects, assess potential mergers and acquisitions, and make the bold, strategic decisions that enhance shareholder value.

Corporate valuation is used for the purposes of investment, M&A or as part of internal measures of financial control. It is extensively applied when companies issue new shares, divest operations or acquire other companies. This Course will give the Participants with full review of the content of the major financial statements; balance sheet, Income statement, cash flow statement.

Participants will be exposed to a comprehensive financial statement analysis and valuation framework that integrates strategy, financial reporting, financial analysis and valuation, application of this framework and tools to fundamental analysis, and the role of intermediaries that use these tools in financial markets.

The Main Outlines

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Financial Statements, Analysis and Ratios

  • Major financial statements
  • Comprehensive financial analysis
  • The Structure and Interrelationship of Financial Statements
  • Different types of ratios and their various uses as well as limitations
  • Foundations of Ratio and Financial Analysis

Financing Decisions;

  • Short-Term Debt—Balancing Working Capital Needs
  • Cost of capital and Capital structure and
  • Long-Term Debt
  • The overall weighted cost of capital “WACC”
  • Link between dividend and financing decisions
  • Dividend decision relevance

Projecting firm’s financial statements

  • Forecasting techniques and steps
  • Projected Financial Statements

Valuation Fundamentals

  • Valuation Process
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Model
  • Dividend Discount Valuation Model
  • Net Asset Value
  • Relative valuation
  • Weighted Average Value
  • Sum of all parts valuation

Instructors Profile

The Corporate Valuation Course is presented by experts in the field of investment and finance who have a deep knowledge of investment and finance not academically but practically as well with many years of hands-on experience at the highest level in investment and finance firms in Egypt and internationally.

Participants Profile

This course was designed for Investment and Commercial Bankers, Corporate Financial decision-makers, Management Consultants and Financial Analysts looking for a more formal introduction to corporate valuation techniques and applications.


20 Hours / 3 Full Day / 5 half days

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