Fundamentals of Project Management Workshop

Program Overview

The overall aim of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge and the skills needed to perform in-depth analysis for a project during the planning and the implementation phases. Participants in this interactive course will learn all the critical tools and techniques required to make decisions to optimize the successful execution of a project in a dynamic environment. The course also features the use of a number of case studies and presentations by participants, followed by plenary discussions.

Workshop Objective:

By the end of this interactive workshop, participants will be able to:

Define project management framework, processes and tools in compliance with Project Management Institute (PMI) standards.

Apply different methods of project selection and capital budgeting.

Construct project diagrams, schedules and plans and use different techniques to perform an in-depth analysis on project schedules and plans.

Identify different methods for cost estimating and project budgeting.

Manage time and cost deviations through applying earned value analysis.

Develop program management plans in compliance with Project Management Institute (PMI) standards.

The Main Outlines

Day One

·      Overview of Project Management

·      Defining project management terminologies

·      Triple constraints

·      Project stakeholders

·      Project Integration Management

·      Competing demands

·      Areas of expertise needed by the project team

·      Process group interaction in a project

·      Developing a project charter

·      Benefit measurement methods

·      Key project planning deliverables

·      Project management benefits

·      Project life cycle

·      Effect of organizational structure

·      Defining project success

·      Focus of integrated planning

·      Initiating projects

·      Project selection methods

·      Project scope statement

·      Change control

Day Two

·      Project Stakeholder Management

·      Stakeholder analysis

·      Managing stakeholder engagement

·      Stakeholder communication techniques

·      Interpersonal skills when dealing with stakeholders

·      Project Scope Management

·      Project scope definition

·      Statement of work

·      Decomposition

·      Scope validation

·      Identifying stakeholders

·      Planning stakeholder management

·      Managing stakeholder meetings

·      Project scope planning

·      Scope statement

·      Work breakdown structure (WBS)

·      Responsibility assignment matrix

·      Scope control

Day Three

·      Project Time Management

·      Project time management processes

·      Activity sequencing

·      Precedence relationships

·      Activity duration estimating

·      Schedule development

·      Schedule negotiations

·      Project Cost Management

·      Cost estimating

·      Learning curve

·      Reserve

·      Key project planning deliverables

·      WBS decomposition

·      Precedence diagramming method

·      Activity resource estimating

·      Estimating approached

·      Critical path method (CPM)

·      Critical chain techniques

·      Schedule control

·      Cost management plan

·      Estimating checklist

·      Cost budgeting

·      Project life-cycle costs

Instructors’ Profile

This program is conducted by a group of PMP® certified professionals who have extensive experience in all aspects of project management education and practice.

Participants’ Profiles

This program is designed for a wide range of professionals including newly appointed project managers and junior project engineers as well as many others involved directly or indirectly with projects in virtually every industry and that need to improve their knowledge of project management.


24 Hours / 3 Full Day / 6 half days

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