Project Management Diploma

Program Overview

Among all the rising fields of knowledge in the modern era, Project Management stands apart as the most prestigious education as well as certification in the business community. It guides participants through proven organizational frameworks, planning strategies and control parameters. These innovative solutions will enable organizations to establish clear objectives and realize successful outcomes, no matter how intricate or detailed its project may be.


The Project Management Diploma not only aims to address the growing trend of obtaining the PMP® certification by preparing the participants to sit for the PMP® exam and equipping them with the questions’ samples, it also aims to enhance the participants’ knowledge of project management, enable them to work as efficient project managers and introduce them to Microsoft Project. The diploma spends extensive time on the deep details of each knowledge area.

The main outlines for the 14 knowledge areas of the diploma are as follows:

Introduction to Agile (6 Hours)

  • Agile manifesto and mindset.
  • Project lifecycles (Predictive – Agile – Hybrid)
  • Agile teams.

Project Management Framework (3 Hours)

  • PMI definitions, project lifecycle, introduction to agile.

Project Integration Management (6 Hours)

  • Initiation, project charter.
  • Project plan development and execution.
  • Overall change control, closing.

Project Scope Management (6 Hours)

  • Collecting requirements.
  • Scope definitions, scope statement, work breakdown structure.
  • Scope control.

Project Time Management (8 Hours)

  • Activity Definition, Sequencing and Duration Estimated.
  • Schedule Development and Control.

Project Cost Management (6 Hours)

  • Estimating, Forecasting and Budgeting.
  • Cost Control & Present Value.

Project Resources Management (6 Hours)

  • Resources planning.
  • Resource acquisition & team development.

Project Quality Management (6 Hours)

  • Quality planning.
  • Quality management.
  • Quality control.

Project Risk Management (8 Hours)

  • Risk identification, analysis and response planning.
  • Risk response implementation.
  • Risk monitoring.

Project Communication Management (3 Hours)

  • Communication Planning and Process.
  • Skills, Techniques, and Styles.
  • Information Distribution.

Project Procurement Management (8 Hours)

  • Types of contracts, procurement planning.
  • Source selection.
  • Contract administration and closeout.

Project Stakeholder Management (3 Hours)

  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Plan Stakeholder Management
  • Manage and Control Stakeholder Engagement

Professional Responsibility (3 Hours)

  • Definition.
  • Ethical and Legal Responsibilities.

Microsoft Project (12 hours)

  • Planning, Control & Estimating Principles and Techniques.
  • Preparation for Actions.
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Hands-on Applications and Case Studies in Project Management using Microsoft Project.

Duration: 84 hours

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