Everything you want to know about the National Egyptian E-Learning University and the Enrollment Conditions

The National Egyptian E-Learning University invites male and female students who hold a high school Certificate in Egypt to enroll and obtain a bachelor’s degree, as well as those with a bachelor’s degree and those wishing to complete their postgraduate studies to obtain diplomas and masters degrees.

The university is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Supreme Council of Universities, as it was established by Presidential Decree No. 223 of 2008 as the first Egyptian university to adopt the e-learning principle. You can register your data by clicking on the following link

The university will contact you immediately.

National University by a Republican decision

The National Egyptian E-Learning University has transformed into a national university, according to Presidential Decree No. 71 of 2018, in order to contribute in improving the quality of higher education, and to provide educational services to all governorates at a very high level, and at an affordable societal cost.

The National Egyptian E-Learning University Certificate

The certificate granted by The National Egyptian E-Learning University is a certificate approved by the Supreme Council of Universities and equivalent to what Egyptian universities grant in the corresponding academic degrees.

Its joint programs also grants certificates accredited by the Egyptian University and the State University.

The Locations of The National Egyptian E-Learning University study Centers

The university centers are spread in many cities at the level of the different governorates of the Republic such as Cairo, Assiut, Menoufia, Alexandria, Hurghada, Qena, Sohag, Beni Suef, Aswan, Sadat City, Fayoum, and Ismailia. And that is at the headquarters of public universities located within those governorates, through this geographical spread, these centers provide educational services to the largest possible sector.


Teaching method and electronic educational system within the university

It relies on a hybrid system that strikes a balance between digital and traditional education, and includes the following:

(1) Face-to-face Study through attendance in study centers, and lectures via video conferencing using the Video Conference technology, and the student attends his examinations in those centers.

(2) Distance study and learning by attending virtual classes, electronic courses, activities, and electronic tests.

(3) Self-learning, which depends on the ability to refer to recorded lectures, work costs and projects, and review interactive electronic textbooks and courses.

  Specializations available within the Egyptian University for E-Learning National

(1) Faculty of Computing and Information Technology.

A bachelor's degree is awarded in the field of computers and information technology, where the student studies the general and main specialization of information technology. The university also offers a Master of Software Engineering program.

(2) Faculty of Business Administration and Commercial Studies.

The student studies management as a major major. It chooses one of five sub-specialties:


* Accounting.

* Finance and investment.

* Electronic trade.

* Management information systems.

(3) Faculty of Educational Studies

The following postgraduate degrees are awarded:

* General educational diploma.

* Professional educational diploma.

* Special educational diploma.

* Master of E-learning.

List of colleges proposed to be established within the university for the next stage

(1) Faculty of Media Science and Technology.

(2) Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation.

(3) Faculty of Economics and Political Science.

(4) Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

(5) Faculty of Law and Legal Studies.

The university prepares you for the Egyptian and international labor market

The Egyptian University for E-Learning Eligibility relies on curricula that qualify the Egyptian and international labor market, through training programs that help to keep pace with the needs of the labor market, and among those areas:

1. Monitoring and evaluation.

2. Business Administration.

3. Entrepreneurship.

4. E-Marketing.

5. Computer networks.

6. Programming languages.

Partnerships with global institutions that provide professional certifications in multiple disciplines, including: HP, Hawaei, Vmware, Cisco, and IBM.

An overview of the electronic courses at the university

The university has established the Center for the Production of Electronic Courses, which is a pioneer in the field of education and e-learning and allows the student to participate in the digital world and follow the continuous developments and the ability to adapt and deal with them through the development and production of electronic courses in accordance with the recommended international quality standards, recording lectures, preparing them for viewing and publishing them through various channels including Easy for students to view and download.

Methods of keeping pace with the university’s technological and digital developments in the field of education

It does this through the E-Club and does the following:

(1) Embracing innovative ideas and pioneering works by preparing young people to apply for an incubator for technology business, and supporting young innovators and inventors to manage their small and micro enterprises.

(2) The university holds workshops for students to meet businessmen and various industries to benefit from their experiences in the labor market.

A plan to raise the skills of faculty members at the university

The Faculty Training Center holds that responsibility and provides the following:

Designing and implementing training programs to develop the skills of faculty members, the assisting body and university leaders to achieve international academic standards.

- Developing academic and administrative skills to raise the efficiency of dealing with modern means of communication and various learning technologies in order to contribute effectively to achieving the university’s vision to achieve leadership and the quality of educational process outputs.

Online study and a great opportunity for expats

Yes, you can study from your home, provided a computer and an internet line are available. The university system is an educational system that depends on flexibility. Residents outside Egypt can join the university, attend through virtual classes, review recorded lectures, and what Sell ​​with lecturers and teaching assistants online, but on condition that the exam from the aforementioned premises announced twice a year to take the tests.

How to apply for scholarships at the National University, its types, and admission requirements

The university provides five full scholarships, including academic and administrative expenses, for the early adopters of the Republic who have obtained a high school diploma in its two divisions in science and mathematics, according to the following conditions:

(1) That the student of Egyptian nationality be registered in the third year of secondary school in one of the Egyptian public schools in the academic year preceding the year of application.

(2) That the applicant be among the first thirty nationwide.

(3) The allocation of five annual scholarships for holders of a high school diploma in its two divisions in science and mathematics, according to a grant to each of the governorates in which the study centers are located, provided that the applicant is among the top ten at the governorate level, according to what is received by a letter from school officials or from School district, confirms the type of school and student arrangement on the governorate.

(4) Providing (10) ten scholarships for people with disabilities, including the following types:

          (A) Granting those with disabilities and those with excellent athletic excellence, as the university, in cooperation with the Misr El-Kheir Foundation, provides twenty scholarships for those challenged with disabilities, half of whom are outstanding athletes.

(5) Granting academic excellence: It includes providing a 50% or 30% discount on the tuition fees allocated to undergraduate students.

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