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Sohag University president meets The National Egyptian E-Learning University’s Board members

Dr. Hassan Al-Noamani, president of Sohag University, and Prof. Hisham Abdel Salam, president of the Egyptian E-Learning University, met to discuss the academic follow-up of joint programs and work mechanisms between the two sides during the upcoming period of Academic Affairs in Egypt. In the presence of Drs. Abdel Nasser Yassin, Khaled Omran, and Mahmoud Shoman, the vice presidents of the university.

According to Dr. Hassan Al-Numani, the meeting covered a wide range of significant subjects, such as establishing rules and legislation to launch new programs and obtaining approval from the Supreme Council of Universities in order to offer top-notch instruction in cutting-edge, multidisciplinary specializations, and talking about the growth in the number of enrolled students. They currently have 1,020 students enrolled, and we are working to raise that figure for the upcoming phase.

Prof. Hisham Abdel Salam continued, stating that the topics covered in the meeting included joint economic and financial aspects, the price of course fees and credit hours, and the accreditation of joint academic degrees. The Egyptian University grants bachelors, postgraduate, and master's degrees in the business administration and computer and information technology faculties, and the university is praised for its role in helping the workflow overcome all obstacles.

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