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The launch of the end-of-year exams at the Egyptian E-Learning University

The Egyptian E-Learning University, led by President Prof. Hisham Abdel Salam, announced on Saturday the start of the second semester exams for the academic year 2021/2022, which will last for two weeks and will begin today in the Faculties of Business Administration, Computers and Information Technology. The exam schedules for all teams have been released. All departments’ schedules are available through the university's centers and official pages.

The university’s president emphasized the provision of all means to achieve the greatest degree of sterilization of the halls in all the university centers between examination periods, with an emphasis on wearing mask to all participants in the examination work and ensuring that the committees and control rooms are ventilated.

He also emphasized on the importance of following the instructions, such as bringing the university ID to each test, bringing the corona virus vaccine  card , wearing a mask throughout the exam period and ensuring that it covers the nose and mouth, and it is forbidden to bring a mobile phone, as its mere presence exposes you to the penalty of cheating, also ensure the use of a 2b pencil to shade the answers on the answer sheet and make sure to shade the circle completely without shading outside of it, based on the number of pages on the question paper.

In addition to adhering to the exam dates announced in the schedule, it will not be permitted to enter the exam after half an hour from the start of it and it will not be permitted to leave the exam before half the time has passed.

He also stressed out the importance of having the subject's professor present at the exam site to answer all questions and inquiries about the subject, as well as the commitment of all college departments to ensuring the success of the exam process, particularly the management of student affairs, and wished them continued safety, success, and excellence.

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