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The National Egyptian E-Learning University organizes orientation day to welcome the newcomers

Under the patronage of Prof. Hisham Mohamed Abdel Salam, the president of the National Egyptian E-Learning University and Prof.Yasser Magdy Hatata, president of Fayoum University, EELU organized an orientation day at El-Fayoum branch to welcome the freshmen students that was In the major celebration hall of Fayoum university that was under the direction of Dr. Mohamed Farouk Al-Khabiri, vice president of Fayoum University for Education and Student Affairs, and Prof. Mahmoud Shoman, vice president of the national Egyptian E-Learning University for Academic Affairs in and  Dr. Muhammad Ali Agha, The director of Fayoum University branch.

In Addition to the presence of Dr. Raafat Ibrahim, dean of the National Egyptian E-Learning University's College of Commercial Studies and Business Administration, and Dr. Hisham Hassan, dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information Technology and the University students.

According to Agha, the National Egyptian E-Learning University is willing to provide all the academic and training courses to the students, as well as cutting-edge educational programs. This is particularly true given that the university offers the most crucial specializations needed in the workforce, including information technology, computer science, business administration, and commercial studies, and it grants accredited certificates that are valued by other professionals in their field.

He explained to the students the importance of upholding moral standards and noble ideals, emphasizing academic success, taking advantage of available scholarships, and paying attention to involvement in student organizations and university life, which serve to develop one's abilities, acquire new skills, and improve oneself.

According to Dr. Hisham Hassan, the College of Computers and Information Technology is a prestigious professional college that strives to prepare students to compete successfully in the labor market by emphasizing to students the value of lifelong learning, solid comprehension of course materials, and a strong desire to fulfill one's own goals in both the personal and professional levels.

In addition to giving out souvenirs to the new students, the welcoming event for new students featured a variety of activities, such as solo singing, group playing, reciting poetry, and performing popular arts.

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