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The National Egyptian E-Learning University participates at Aswan’s celebrations of the World Autism Awareness Day


The National Egyptian E-Learning University participated with students and professors in the celebration of the International Day of Autism, which was organized by the Foundation "We are all One Hand" for children of determination, under the patronage of Major General Ashraf Attia, Governor of Aswan and Major General Othman, Director of Aswan Security, and in the presence of the actress Nihal Anbar and the broadcaster Tamer Shaltout, the presenter of the program "We will appreciate" on Al-Nahar channel, and Dr. Mohamed Nagdy Sayed, director of the Egyptian E-learning University branch in Aswan, on behalf of Prof. Dr. Hisham Abdel Salam, President of the University, and Dr. Imad al-Yamani, a consultant of obstetrics and gynecology.

 The celebration included a charitable sports marathon from the rowing club in Aswan Corniche to Aswan Sports Club, then all attendees and sailboats boarded up to the first Aswan Corniche and a ceremony was held to honor children’s mothers and try to spread joy in the hearts of children and clarify the institution’s role in trying to societal integration of children with other social groups.

Dr. Hisham Abdel Salam, President of the University, said in press statements that is launching on April 2 of each year to celebrate the International Day for Autism Awareness, and the keenness of the whole world to celebrate this day is an important and effective step for the international community to realize the increase in the number of autism patients worldwide, and a positive step as well. A reminder to officials and civil societies of the inevitability of caring for this group and providing them with a decent life to alleviate their suffering and their families for many years. The university president appreciated the efforts of the Egyptian state and political leadership in providing all means of comfort for autism groups, especially the care centers scattered in the governorates of Egypt, which provide health, psychological and mental care for autistic children, and the courses and workshops organized by civil society for parents of autistic children in order to alleviate their suffering and guide them in ways. The correct scientific approach to be followed to deal with the autistic child to create a natural environment that helps these children coexist with the surrounding societies.

Abdel Salam called for the need to raise societal awareness of the disease, the importance of awareness of autism and knowledge of the means that help developing their skills and integrate them into society, and correct the errors associated with the autistic patient, as well as the need to rehabilitate the autistic child through rehabilitation programs for children with autism spectrum disorder, including approved programs that are applied.

Actress Nihal Anbar expressed her happiness in volunteering to come to Aswan Governorate and the participation of civil society institutions in general and especially in dealing with autistic children and the need to take care of them in society and integrate them with ordinary children.

 The presenter Tamer Shaltout at Al-Nahar TV, expressed his interest in autism children because of an actual experience in his family with an autistic child, and about the extent of his suffering for society to accept the idea of ​​dealing with an autistic child, especially that some consider him a pariah child, which was a reason for his interest in volunteering to participate in this charitable marathon.

 Dr. Imad Al-Yamani, a consultant of obstetrics and gynecology, indicated that the autistic child is the product of genetic genes from inbreeding, and these cases are often increasing in Upper Egypt due to customs and traditions in the necessity of relatives' marriage, which poses a serious risk in having children with genetic diseases such as autism, words and success stories Among the parents of children with autism, which highlighted the Foundation’s role and interest in children in various aspects, and in conclusion, an entertainment party was held for children.

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