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The Registration for the Ideal Students Competition on the universities level has started

Dear university students,

We inform you that the university is organizing a competition for the ideal students that will start in all the academic centers, then the first male and female students are escalated from each study center, in preparation for choosing the ideal “Male” student and the ideal “Female” student at the universities level. For whom wants to register should go to the Student affairs at the student’s academic center, noting that the deadline for registration is on Sunday, 13th December, 2020,

The competition will take place on the study centers level (in each study center) on 16-17 December 2020, and at the university level (remotely) days 23-24 December 2020, in order to choose the first 3 “Male” student centers and the first 3 “female” student centers, and the 1st place winner gets 2500 pounds, the 2nd 2000 pounds, and the 3rd 1500 pounds.

The ideal “Male” student and the ideal “Female” student at the university level are entitled to participate in the ideal “Male” student and “Female” student competition at the republic level at the 9th round of the innovation festival under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports with valuable prizes, where the 1st place winner gets 20,000 pounds, the 2nd 18,000 pounds, and the 3rd 16,000 pounds.

The Participation Conditions of the competition are:

·         The student must be at any academic year except the 1st year students.

·         A GPA of at least 3.2

·         Participation in student and volunteer activities, with a proof of that.

·         The student should not have won similar competitions before.

·         Fluency in at least two foreign languages ​​(reading, writing and speaking).

·         Familiarity with general information and culture

·         Good behavior and not subjected to any disciplinary penalty

·         Submit a CV to the Student Affairs Department at the student’s academic center, containing all the student’s information presented on paper and on (CD) with the subscription form.

You can download the registration form via this link

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