The Egyptian E-learning University “Education via Internet commensurate with the labor market”

The Egyptian E-Learning University, the first Egyptian university to provide educational service through the Internet, at the lowest cost, and opens the door for admission to The Egyptian students and the
 foreigners too.

The Egyptian E-Learning University provides High-quality educational and training services, and provides the labor market with individuals capable of dealing with advanced technologies.

The Egyptian E-Learning University accepts high school students and its equivalent, the scientific division with its two branches of mathematics and science.

The Egyptian E-Learning University

  • Providing high-quality education and training services to provide the labor market with qualified graduates who are able to deal with advanced technologies.
  • Creating and continuously improving the teaching and learning environment.
  • The Egyptian E-Learning University targets all those who wishes to obtain high-quality, modern, technology-based education, whether young or old.

Thus, anyone who thirsts for knowledge and wants to secure their future place in life will be able to enroll at college.

Advantages of Learning at EELU

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Resource-based learning
  • Face-to-face lectures
  • The credit hour system

The Egyptian E-Learning University works to supply the labor market with highly skilled people, able to deal with emerging technologies, and are familiar with the latest developments in science in its specialized fields.

The Egyptian E-Learning University has been able to graduate hundreds of students who have completed their undergraduate and postgraduate studies since its inception in 2008.

Egypt E-Learning University EELU

  • Accept students from different cultures and sectors.
  • Availability in all regions and geographical areas.
  • Technology in teaching, assessment, interpretation, and instruction.
  • Many disciplines and modern sciences. The educational policy of the university is based on an integrated educational system that combines the advantages of both traditional education and e-learning education in a distinctive integrated model.

The study system at the Egyptian E-Learning University

The academic year is divided into two semesters:

The first semester starts in September.

The second semester starts in April.

Optional summer training.

The duration of a training session is usually three hours.

Each semester usually takes 12 to 19 hours or four to six courses.

The Egyptian University for E-Learning includes the following colleges:

Faculty of Computer and Information Technology

Faculty of Business Administration and Business Studies

Faculty of Educational Studies

Faculty of Computer and Information Technology

The college aims to provide graduates with skills and knowledge assets to assist them in obtaining suitable employment in the field of information technology after graduation.

Notice: The grades of colleges of public universities for the academic year 2020-2021

The college accepts high school students and its equivalent, the scientific division with its two branches of mathematics and science (with the addition of a mathematics subject (0) for students of the scientific division of science).

The student at the College of Computers studies the following scientific fields:

General Basics of Calculators

Foundations of Information Technology

Network and Web Engineering

Software Engineering

Computer architecture and systems programming

Interaction between human and computer.

Artificial intelligence for computers.

Data analysis and arrangement.

Data and network security.

Cloud computing technology

The academic degrees obtained by the student after studying at the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology.

The college awards a bachelor’s degree in computers and information technology, the duration of study is 4 years, and the language of study is English, with 147 credit hours divided as follows:

The degree awarded in the Faculties of Computers and Information is equivalent to the Information Technology Department, according to the decision of the Minister of Higher Education - President of the Supreme Council of Universities No. (9) dated 1/10/20-13 and renewed number (71) on 4/4/2016

The college also awards an academic master’s degree in software engineering with a distance learning system. The duration of the study ranges from 2-5 years and the language of study is English, at a rate of 36 hours.

College of Business Administration and Business Studies

The College of Business Administration and Commercial Studies aims to graduate specialists in business administration who are able to plan, organize and direct business and commercial operations within the Egyptian and international institutions, and it gives the student experiences in the following fields:

Providing students with the skill of using the English language in the business world.

Employing the latest technology in the business environment.

Development of graduates' competencies to meet the needs of various sectors in the field of business administration.

Providing students with advanced science and knowledge in the field of business administration at the local, regional and international levels.

Developing students' skills in the field of preparing scientific research in business administration.

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Developing students' skills and abilities for team work.

Developing students' abilities to use important statistical and quantitative methods in decision-making.

Providing students with the necessary skills to interact with the changes and continuous development in the business environment.

Connect students to the labor market by focusing on field applications in various fields of specialization, and practical training in the field of business administration.

Developing the student’s skills in critical analysis, creative thinking and problem solving.


The Faculty of Business Studies and Business Administration awards a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a total of 144 credit hours, in a major in management and five sub-specializations, including:


Finance and investment


Electronic trade

Management information systems.

The student obtains a bachelor’s degree equivalent according to Supreme Council of Universities Resolution No. 283 of 12/10/2012.

 Advantages of learning in the College of Business Administration and Business Studies:

The student can apply theories of business administration appropriate to the work environment.

Communicate effectively through writing, speaking, and using technology and all means of communication.

The student uses ethical behavior in the practice of the profession.

The student uses administrative business skills in a work environment.

The student thinks critically and creatively in solving administrative problems.

Faculty of Educational Studies

The Faculty of Educational Studies is the first college for postgraduate studies in the field of education in Egypt.

Its degrees are awarded using various e-learning strategies since 2010 until now.

The college seeks to spread the culture of e-learning, its skills, its management systems and its learning strategies in Egypt and the Arab world, through:

Producing scientific and educational knowledge using artificial intelligence and employing it in e-learning.

Preparing teachers, researchers and specialists in various fields of education and its stages in the era of digital transformation.

Developing e-learning practices and skills in light of the challenges of the knowledge society and the fourth industrial revolution.

Degrees awarded by the College of Educational Studies

Since its inception, the College of Educational Studies grants the following academic degrees:

General diploma degrees.

Professional Diploma

Special diploma

The Master of Education specializes in e-learning, and these degrees are accredited and equivalent to their counterparts granted by Egyptian governmental universities.

General Diploma in Education - Equivalence with Resolution No. 91

Professional Diploma in Education - Specialized E-Learning - Equivalence with Resolution No. 93.

Special Diploma in Education - Specialization E-Learning - Equivalence with Resolution No. 92

Master of Education is equivalent to Resolution No. 328 of 2016.

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