Oct 28-2019” The participation of the Egyptian University of National E-Learning in the sixth international exhibition for innovation

InnovationA group of the Egyptian E-learning University graduates participated in the sixth international exhibition for innovation Thursday, October 24, 2019, with a bunch of innovative graduation projects, which are aligned with the university's overall orientation with supporting the technological economy and digital transformation. The first project is a headphone over the head that helps blind people in translating things around them audibly, such as recognizing people around them or cars or helping them to read books and any other thing that surrounds them needs to be translated so the headphone informs them audibly.

 As for the second project, it is a simulation of the real chemical laboratory in another virtual factory by default, through which the user can perform his chemical experiments and extract the results easily.
The third project is a solution to the daily crisis to solve the problem of queues queuing to reserve metro tickets, through an Android mobile application that enables the user to book a ticket and pass through the portal through NFC technology, which saves wasted time in booking tickets as well as saving money spent on Printing them out beside their vulnerability to damage or loss.

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