Arduino and Robotics

  • Program Overview

The Arduino hardware and software was designed for artists, designers, hobbyists, hackers, newbies, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. Arduino can interact with buttons, LEDs, motors, speakers, GPS units, cameras, the internet, and even your smart-phone or your TV! This flexibility combined with the fact that the Arduino software is free, the hardware boards are pretty cheap, and both the software and hardware are easy to learn has led to a large community of users who have contributed code and released instructions for a huge variety of Arduino-based projects.

For everything from robots and a heating pad hand warming blanket to honest fortune-telling machines, and even a Dungeons and Dragons dice-throwing gauntlet, the Arduino can be used as the brains behind almost any electronics project



 Hours 30

The Main Outlines

  • ·         Electricity.
  • ·         Circuits andschematics.
  • ·         Electroniccomponents.
  • ·         Training in using simulation software (Proteus,fritzing).
  • ·         Types ofSignals.
  • ·         Frequency and Dutycycle.
  • ·         Analog to Digital Converter & Digital to Analog Converter (ADC,DAC).
  • ·         Sensors and their types.
  • ·         Motors (DC, AC, Servo,Stepper).
  • ·         History ofArduino.
  • ·         Arduino boards
  • ·         Arduino IDE.
  • · Programming syntax.
  • · Programminglogic.
  • · SmallProjects:

                   o   Blinking Led.

                   o   Traffic Lights.

                   o   LCD Display.

                   o   Bluetooth Control.

                   o   Keypad SecurityDoor.

  • ·    Revision
  • ·    LargeProjects:

        o   RCC (Remote Control CAR with obstacle avoidingsystem).

         o   SmartHome.

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