Special participation for The Egyptian E-learning University students in the international Huwaei competition “ICT Competition”

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IMG 20200723 WA0014


IMG 20200723 WA0014



Huwaei launched an international competition in the ICT field aiming to explore and support new talents with the students’ participation in the following fields “ Engineering- Communications- IT- Computer science”, there were 8000 participants which has been filtered to 100 students. The company organized honoring celebration for the winners on 1st October in the smart village in the conferences hall from 1 PM to 5 PM .

It’s worth mentioning the special participation of Michel kamal ragaai a student at the faculty of computer science in the Egyptian E-learning University in the field of “Cloud Computing” in the competition finals for 100 students on the republic level and winning the bronze medal which means that the Egyptian E-learning University adapts an integrated organization for training and preparation of the new generations of Egyptian students at diversified technical fields to affect positively and directly on the future economical and social development in Egypt and its plans for the digital transformation.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Khairy the president of the Egyptian E-learning University has affirmed on the EELU graduate potential to highly compete at the labor market and his potential to adapt with the modern sciences in the technological information and communication field, gladly mentioning the special participation for the EELU students in huwaeii competition the pioneer in providing the information technology and communications infrastructure and smart devices to support the innovation and creation tracks for the technological-concerned-students.

Prof. Dr. Hesham Mohamed Abdelsalam the university vice president for development and innovation added that he’s so proud of EELU students’ level and their participation in these kinds of international competitions and their honorable results that are considered as a great addition for the university and its education level besides, the university is working on combining the academic learning n the studying centers and the practical field in the labor market and their interactivity with social activities which goes with the integrated eduction strategy in Egypt till 2030 and that’s to support the country, developing the knowledge-based economy and participating in the 4th international industrial revolution.


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