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distance education

Distance education is an education provided to students who live in remote areas from the campus of the higher educational institution. In this system the student is temporary or geographically separated from the instructor .

• Semi-permanent separation between the teacher and learner during the educational process, and this is what distinguishes the distance education from face-to-face education.

• Influence of the educational organization in planning and preparing the educational material and in providing supporting services for the students and thus distinguish it from private study and self-education programs.

• Using the technical media, such as printing, audio and video media and computer which contain the content of the curriculum.

• Provision of two-way communication so that the student may benefit from or even initiate dialogues; this distinguishes it from other uses of technology in education.

• Semi-permanent absence of educational groups during the educational process so that students usually study individually not in groups with the possibility of holding meetings.