National Egyptian E-learning University

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Services For Student

Chat forum and Email service

Faculty, staff and students enrolled in the EELU have to get an e-mail address that ends in Through this email address they can receive and send all the news of the EELU community. Furthermore, the e- Learning platform which is being built specifically for the EELU creates a "student forum", where students may discuss among themselves course related issues such as, assignments and grades.

Educational Scholarships

Educational scholarships would be offered to distinguished students by allocating a number of them to the foremost achieving students according to the GPA. The scholarship may take the form of exemption from the EELU fees by certain ratios.

Alumni services

Alumni career services may link EELU alumni with reputable employers that are seeking good job applicants. Alumni career services may offer a full range of services to insure that alumni and employers/recruiters are successful in their efforts. EELU alumni utilizing these services may demonstrate their on-the-job competencies in technology, teamwork, problem solving, time management and interpersonal skills. In addition, these potential employees may bring the prestige and value of an outstanding EELU education to their employers.

Learning Centre Services

• Computer lab: Each learning centre is equipped with a computer lab consisting of 25 PCs to enable students to access the course contents and any other educational materials.

• Video conference unit: Each learning centre is equipped with a video conference unit which enables students to follow up lectures given in the main campus.

• Internet/intranet connectivity: Each learning centre is connected to the internet and the EELU intranet to enable students to access the internet services and benefit from the EELU intranet.