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Admission and Transfer

Admission Policy:

• The University admits students with Thanaweya Amma (Egyptian High School Certificate) or the equivalent, according to what the University Council determines and according to the regulations and charters of the Supreme Council of Private Universities in this concern.

• The University admits egyptian and foreign university graduates in the postgraduate programs and continuing education according to what the University Council determines.

• Students who are registered in another egyptian or foreign university can be transferred to the National Egyptian E-learning University according to the conditions of the University and they will be exempt from the courses they studied before or part of them according to what the University Council determines.

• It is not a conditioned that students shall be admitted in the University in the same year of having Thanaweya Amma (Egyptian High School Certificate) or the equivalent but he/she can register any year after achieving a high school certificate or the equivalent if he/she fulfills the conditions the University Council determines.

• The University admits graduates of Technical schools and institutions after passing some tests and according to the conditions that the University Council determines.

• The University admits part-time students who have internal permission from their work organizations/employers to study at the University without adherence to their High School graduation year or grade, in accordance to the rules determined by the University Council.

Internal Transfer:

• A student who is registered in one of the University Faculties may transfer to another faculty within the University; he/she shall pay a transfer fee determined by the University Council provided that he/she shall fulfill the acceptance conditions regulated in the faculty he/she intends to transfer to.

• It necessitates the approval of the University Council after consultation with the intended Faculty Councils. In such transfer cases, students are exempt from successfully completed courses and equivalent courses within the faculty they intend to transfer to.

• An internal transfer request form must be approved by the Admission and Registration office before the Dean of Faculties approves the transfer from and to.

Enrollment Transfer:

•The University accepts the student transfer from other universities inside or outside Egypt according to the regulations determined by the University Council without conflicting with the rules of the Private Universities Council.

•Students dismissed without disciplinary hearings either from military colleges or the police academy, may be accepted in the University, provided that a student shall have at least the minimum grade required by the university, either in the dismissing year or in his/her High School graduation year, whichever one is more applicable for the student.