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General Provisions

General Provisions

• The Chairpersons of the University Councils and Committees included therein or those who represent them shall invite the members of such councils and committees to hold meetings.

• The meeting of any council or committee shall be legal only in the presence of the absolute majority of the members.

• The decisions of such councils or committees shall be taken by the absolute majority of the presenting member's votes and if the votes are equal, then the Chairperson will cast the deciding vote.

• Decisions of the Board of Trustees related to the activation of this basic charter shall be taken by a two-thirds majority of the present members.

• Any council or committee referred to therein shall delegate some of its powers to its Chairperson or any committee arising from it.

• The Board of Trustees shall have the right to issue internal systems and regulations for organizing the financial, administrative and academic issues of the University upon a recommendation from the University Council.