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University Resources & Budget Surplus

University Resources • In order to achieve the university's goals, the university has the right to assure its resources, it also has the right of ownership, to sell, rent, loan or invest, including acceptance of donations and the collection of student's fees.

• The University Resources consist of:

o Basic funds offered by the Education Development Fund and the Egyptian Institution for Development of Education and Knowledge Services.

o Training, educational fees and the income from consultancy and community services offered by the University.

o Endowments, grants, testaments, donations and revenue of allocations offered by organizations, institutions and individuals.

o The income of the movable and immovable properties, investments, other activities and the intellectual property rights.

o Any other resources suitable to the university's goals that are accepted by the Board of Trustees.

o The University Board of Trustees shall appoint an auditor from outside the University in order to monitor the accounts of the University.

Budget Surplus

As the University is a non- profit organisation,the University shall direct its annual surplus funds to develop the quality level of its educational and training activities and to expand its community services, it also recommends the allocation of a sum of this surplus to cover any urgent requirements of the university.