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Undergraduate Programs

Business Administration


The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree program in management provides courses and business related in-class experiences for students who intend to pursue careers in business management. It emphasizes the integration of the different fields of business to develop a general perspective to business problems and challenges.


The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing is designed for students who desire to pursue any of the many careers within the field of marketing. The program includes a general overview of the following areas: Consumer and business-to-business market planning, product development, consumer behavior, marketing research, integrated marketing communication (i.e., advertising, public relations and selling) and global marketing.

Information Technology

The Faculty of Computer and Information Technology aims to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge to help them in the acquisition of appropriate careers after graduation in the field of Information Technology. It can also help them in pursuing research or graduate studies in this field. Moreover, with the basic background they acquire, they can follow up technological advances and carry on a lifelong learning career.