Faculty of Commercial Studies and Business Administration

Faculty of Commercial Studies and Business Administration


The Business Administration program aims to provide experts in the field of business administration, who are able to plan, organize, and direct their works and commercial operations inside the Egyptian and International institutions.


Faculty Objectives:

  • Providing students with the necessary skills to use and employ the latest technology in the business environment.
  • Providing students with the skill to use the English language in the business world.
  • Providing students with science and advanced knowledge in the field of business administration at the national, regional, and international levels.
  • Developing students' skills in preparing scientific research in business administration.
  • Developing students' teamwork skills, critical analysis, creative thinking and problem-solving.
  • Developing students' abilities to use the quantitative and statistical methods that are important in decision-making.
  • Providing students with the necessary skills to interact with ongoing changes and development in the dynamic business environment.
  • Connecting students to the labor market by focusing on field applications in various specializations and applied training in business administration.


Academic degree

The university awards, upon a recommendation from the faculty council, a bachelor degree in Management major, and one of the following minors:

  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Finance and Investment
  • Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Management Information Systems

All students have to complete (144) credit hours as complete fulfillment for the bachelor's degree.

The bachelor's degree is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree granted by the faculties of commerce in the Egyptian public universities in accordance with the Supreme Council of Universities decision No. 283 dated 12/12/2012.

Accounting is a specialty that most businesses need. It is the language of business.

Accounting includes exchanging information and interpreting complex financial statements to be easily understandable by all parties.

As an accountant, you can handle hundreds of financial statements. You will be the person that everyone is heading to when it comes to financial matters.

As a professional accountant, you can analyze financial statements and transform all of that data into information that can be used for decision-making purposes.

Marketing minor is suitable for students who wish to pursue any of the many positions in the marketing field. It includes a general study on the following areas: consumer-oriented business market planning, product development, consumer behavior, marketing research, and integrated marketing communications (such as advertising, public relations, sales, and global marketing), also focuses on strategic and tactical marketing and provides distinguished thinking that helps the learner to understand the nature of marketing and work needs in various environmental challenges and opportunities.

As for the minor of finance and investment, it qualifies distinguished specialists and professionals with basic knowledge, skills, and vision in the fields of finance and investment in a manner that enables them to compete in the labor market and contribute to community service in various sectors of finance and investment.

Faculty outcomes:

The Business Administration program is designed so that the graduate can:

  • Applies appropriate business administration theories in the work environment.
  • Employs technology with excellence in the work environment.
  • Communicates effectively through writing and speaking, the use of technology, and all means of communication.
  • Uses ethical behavior in the practice of the profession.
  • Uses managerial-business skills in a work environment.
  • Thinks critically and thinks creatively to solve administrative problems.

 Study Plan:

Press here to download the Business Administration Programs Study Plan.

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