Transfer Policy

Enrollment Transfer inside the university:

A student who is registered in one of the University Faculties may transfer to another faculty within the University; he/she shall pay a transfer fee determined by the University Council provided that he/she shall fulfill the acceptance conditions regulated in the faculty he/she intends to transfer to.

  • The approval of the University Council is required to transfer students within the university colleges after consulting the councils of the faculty concerned, and in these cases, the student may be excused from the previously successful academic subjects and the corresponding study materials at the college transferred to them.
  • An internal transfer request form must be approved by the Admission and Registration office before the Dean of Faculties approves the transfer from and to.

conversion and Enrollment Transfer

Students may be transferred from university or scientific institutes inside or outside the republic in accordance with the regulations set by the university council, and in a manner that does not contradict the rules and controls decided by the council of private universities.

  • The registration of students dismissed without a disciplinary way may be transferred from the military colleges and the Police College for lack of validity for military life or dismissed to exhaust the number of failures in the first year and provided that the student has obtained the total number of admission to the university the year he obtained the qualification or the semester year, whichever is better for the student.

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