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The Egyptian National E-learning University Fees

The Egyptian E-learning University is one of the national universities in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Founded in 2008, with non-profitable goals as its goal is to try as much as possible to provide good educational means for all students, as we will see in this article the university's fees.

Fees of the Egyptian National E-learning University:

To begin and before learning about the fees of this wonderful university, we should understand the college's main goal, as it does not aspire to make a profit, but has worked hard over the years to provide the best educational means for all students in various fields.

The college wishes to graduate classes in society that are capable of keeping up with any technological development and scientific progress that the world is currently experiencing.

The education system does not rely on student attendance, but rather provides all lectures and series of conferences via videos that students can watch remotely, allowing you to eventually obtain a master's, bachelor's or doctorate.

This university is also notable for its close collaboration with a number of the world's largest universities, including the University of Applied Sciences in France and the École Normale Supérieure for Commercial Sciences. The entire school year is divided into three classes.

As we said previously, the education system in one year is divided into three semesters, the first semester begins in September and ends in January, as for the second semester begins in February and ends in June, then the third and final semester begins in July and ends in mid-August.

University fees for the first semester include application fees and examination fees for the Science Division:

The fees of the Faculty of Computers and Information Technology in Assiut and Ain Shams are about 14,900 Egyptian pounds for a mathematics section and 16,250 Egyptian pounds for a science division.

The College of Business Administration is about 14,350 Egyptian pounds.

As for the faculties of computers and information technology on the other centers, their fees are about 16,700 for the mathematics division and for the science division, 18,250 Egyptian pounds.

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