Dec 10-2019” The Egyptian National E-learning University Presdient in a meeting with the Menoufia University Presdient during his checking visit to EELU branch there


During a series of checking visits by Dr. Mohamed Khairy, the President of the Egyptian E-Learning University for the university’s branches, because of his belief in the necessity of direct communication with students to identify the most important problems facing them and highlight all developments and make the student always feel satisfied and proud of his affiliation to the Egyptian E-Learning University, Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, welcomed/Met  Dr. Mohamed Khairy, President of the Egyptian E-learning University, The meeting also was attended by Dr. Osama Abdel-Raouf, Director of the Academic Center of the Electronic University at Menoufia University.

Beside the visit, the work progress was followed at the electronic university headquarters, Menoufia University branch, which was established due to the agreement of scientific and academic cooperation between the two parties with the aim of providing special education in modern and interdisciplinary disciplines, and improving the quality of the educational process through an integrated E-learning model with discussing  the most effective ways to increase student numbers and motivate them to enroll In the electronic university, reviewing the possible ideas to reach the largest potential students and the publicity needed to increase the community’s awareness of the advantages of E-learning to contribute in the dissemination and consolidation of self-learning skills among students.

Many Cooperation avenues have been discussed to serve the university’s students through enrolling them in student activities with Menoufia university students & the medical care of Menoufia university.
Besides, Dr. Mohamed Khairy met Dr. Tariq El Gamal, President of Assiut University during his visit to the University branch in Assiut since the beginning of this month, in the presence of Dr. Rasha Sharaf, Vice President of the Egyptian   E-Learning University for Student Affairs and Dr. Ahmed Talouba, Director of the Academic Center of the Egyptian E-Learning University in  Assiut Branch.

 In addition to Holding a discussion seminar with university students while having a speech that included introducing all developments to the university's infrastructure, in addition to seeking to open new branches of the university in the Suez Canal and the New Valley in pursuit and belief that this would make every EELU graduate proud of his university especially that E-learning has become the mainstream education system all over the world.

He pointed that recently the university has made a suggestion and complains box which any student could enroll with their suggestions or complain and it will be revised and received by the university president himself.



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