The National E-Learning University: Entering the university with Face masks are mandatory and affirmations on applying Social distancing

The study was launched at The National Egyptian E-Learning University amidst strictures to apply precautionary measures to confront the emerging corona virus, and Dr. Hisham Abdel Salam, President of The National Egyptian E-Learning University made an inspection tour on the occasion of the start of the Academic year at the headquarters of the various university centers - Assiut branch - while the rest of the centers were organized An orientation day for new students of the study system in the Faculties of Computers, Information and Business Administration at the National Egyptian E-Learning University through video conference technology for the academic year 2020/2021, and a detailed explanation of the nature of the study programs and how to deal with electronic learning platforms was also presented.

The university president reassured the implementation and adherence of all study centers to precautionary and preventive measures, organizing the entry process for students with the applying of social distancing, measuring temperatures for all students before entering the academic center, and issuing binding decisions for branch directors to prevent entry of any student, teacher, or employee who is infected or showing symptoms of Covid 19.

Abdul Salam stressed the need for all faculty members, staff and students to wear medical mask (muzzle) and the need to use disinfectants, in order to maintain health safety, prevent gatherings, in addition to ensuring the regularity of studies in all colleges, announcing the study schedules for students, preparing and sterilizing lecture halls and laboratories, and distributing Students on the academic departments and divisions, and end the registration and registration work for new students in the colleges, directed to take all legal measures against all violators of the precautionary and preventive measures immediately.

He recommended paying attention to various student activities, stressing that the university continues to support these activities, whether sports, cultural or social, and to support these activities and broaden the base of participation in them among students, along with the educational process.

He noted the spread of university centers in many cities at the level of different governorates of the Republic, such as Cairo, Assiut, Menoufia, Alexandria, Hurghada, Qena, Sohag, Beni Suef, Aswan, Sadat City, Fayoum, and Ismailia. And that is at the headquarters of public universities located within those governorates, pointing out to me that through this geographical spread, these centers provide educational services to the largest possible sector.

The university president indicated that the teaching method and the electronic educational system within the university depends on a hybrid system that achieves a balance between digital and traditional education, through face-to-face study by attending study centers, and lectures via video communication, as well as studying and distance learning by attending classes Virtual and e-courses, activities, electronic tests, and self-learning, which depends on the ability to refer to recorded lectures, work costs and projects, and review books.


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