E-courses production center (ECPC)

The e-courses production center (ECPC) is one of EELU university's development centers. ECPC center seeks to become one of the leading centers in the field of education and e-learning by providing the opportunity for EELU students and society to participate in the digital age, and to achieve sustainability and development to improve the quality of the educational process and services provided by EELU, participate in implementing Egypt's Vision 2030, and achieving many achievements in producing modern e- courses at the regional and international level.

ECPC center aims to employ the latest methods and tools of communication and information technology in the field of education and e-learning, and to improve the outputs of the educational process by giving EELU students and faculty members experience in dealing with modern technologies and employing them during the teaching and learning process through the availability of e-courses at anytime and anywhere.

ECPC center works in the process of producing e- courses for the various academic and training programs at EELU, developing and maintaining them continuously to keep pace with developments in modern technology, and ECPC center works with an excellent and trained team to keep abreast of the rapid developments in the field of communications and information technology.

Contact information

  • dummy33 El Messaha Street, Dokki A, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

  • dummyP.O Box 12611

  • dummy 16541 - +2 02 33318498

  • dummy+2 02 37497928

  • dummyinfo@eelu.edu.eg

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