C++ and problem-solving program

  • Program Overview

C++ is one of the most popular languages and has been widely used in building operating systems and dealing with computer hardware, from software systems and user programs, to hardware drivers and embedded systems, to high-performance servers and entertainment programs such as video games, due to its ability to be compiled into highly compiled language code. Effectiveness.



 Hours 40

The Main Outlines

  • Junior Level – 20 Hour

    - Intro to programming, problem-Solving, code blocks installation, datatypes

    - Operators, Conditions, Loops and arrays

    - Functions with real projects

    - OOP Fundamentals

    Intro to algorithms and data structures

  • Advanced Level – 20 Hour

    - Programming fundamentals Revision & practice

    - OOP Revision

    - Intro to Solid Principles

    - Intro to Design Patterns

    - Algorithms and data structures

Other Branches

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