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The National Egyptian E-Learning Tuition Fees and Registration Requirements

At a press conference today, Dr. Reda Hegazy the Minister of Education will provide details on the results of the 2023 high school exams. This will allow parents to start planning for college costs, such as the fees for online courses for 2023–2024 and the necessary papers for registration. For students who meet all requirements, the College of Computers and Business Administration provides educational resources from global publishing organizations that prepares the students to compete in the labor market.

The National Egyptian E-Learning University’s official website announced the tuition fees for the academic year 2023–2024, the university also offers English language strengthening courses to raise the level of students to keep up with the language of study in the college and to prepare them for the demands of the labor market.



The National Egyptian E-Learning University tuition fees:

The high school student is subject to tuition fees through Student Affairs during the registration in conjunction with the release of the 2023 high school results. After submitting the necessary paperwork and meeting the requirements, the student is accepted and given the payment code to pay the fees, which are:

Expenses of faculty of Computer Science:

High School Scientific branch: around 21,000 pounds for the first semester.

- High School Mathematical branch: around 20,000 pounds throughout the first semester.

Expenses of faculty of Business Administration: approximately 20,000 pounds throughout the first semester.

According to the university, the fees covers E-Books, medical insurance, ministry charges, file opening fees, administrative and technological costs. At the 2nd semester Expenses are calculated depending on the student's registered hours.

The university has two majors firstly, computers and information technology, which offers a bachelor's degree in computer technology that is comparable to those granted by government universities and is accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education. Acceptance into the college is contingent upon having completed high school (the scientific and mathematical branches), Al-Azhar Secondary School, as well as American and British high schools. The college provides various programs (Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Information Technology).


The National Egyptian E-Learning University has been established with Presidential Decree No. 233 of 2008 as the first Egyptian university that adopts the concept of e-learning. It is regarded as the only Egyptian university that has successfully freed its students from the constraints of time and place while preserving communication and interaction between instructors and students while providing flexible learning opportunities.


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